Larry Brinkworth


Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP)
Specialist in Financial Counselling (SFC)
Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist (CRMS)


Larry Brinkworth has been a resident of Kamloops since 1988. His Financial career started in 1974 when he joined Laurentide Financial Corporation, a firm engaged in the financing and leasing of Construction and Logging Equipment. Even a few oddball projects like financing jet engines for aircraft and spectrophotometers (bet you don't know what that is) were part of the daily experience at Laurentide.

After 5 years of helping out contractors with their equipment needs, Larry joined Richmond Savings Credit Union's Commercial Division. Much of the financing activity in Richmond at the time was centred around Residential developments with continued activity around the Construction Industry in that area.

Larry eventually accepted employment with the Royal Bank in 1981 as an Assistant Manager in charge of the Small Business portfolio. Financing experience ranged from small 'mom & pop' retail stores to manufacturing, trucking and construction firms. He was appointed Manager of a Royal Bank location in Kelowna in 1986, moved on to Manager of a Branch in Elkford BC and eventually settled in Kamloops where he managed a Mall Branch for 8 years - always with a focus on loans and mortgages.

In 1996 Larry became a self employed Investment Retirement Planner, contracting still to the Royal Bank, and after a brief time back in the Branch he was attracted to the Mortgage Brokerage industry. He joined The Mortgage Centre in 2002 as a Broker and in 2005 purchased the Brokerage-Dico Holdings Inc.

Moving ahead to the present, the Brokerage is now owned by Larry's son and Larry is back to sourcing mortgages for his clients. Over 40 years of financial practice certainly qualifies Larry to use the word 'Experienced'.

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