Larry's advice was very welcome and as a result saved us money. Impressed with his availability and flexibility. Not our first time with Larry and likely will not be our last. Good job Larry and team. Feedback from others involved with the process was outstanding when it came to Larry. EG lawyer and banker. Where's the bankers survey?

— C.R., 06/2013

My Broker was Larry Brinkworth in Kamloops, Very helpful and knowledgeable. Takes the time to answer on going questions about a second mortgage, excellent!!

— L.S., 03/2013

Thanks Larry!

The pleasure was all ours! Working with you as been a very pleasing experience for us both, you made the "scary mortgage" thing a pleasure! I assure you we will send any business we can your way! All the best to you! Have a happy and safe summer! Again, thanks!!

— P.P & T.P., 07/2012

Larry Brinkworth was friendly and professional. I felt at all times that he understood the process and had our best interests in mind when he made recommendations.

— A.R., 07/2012

Larry,....Thanks very much for the cookies! The kids ate most of them in one day, but "we" got to have a couple each.

We both really appreciate all you have done for us; our dream property is quickly taking shape and it probably would have not happened without your hard work! My thanks to Teague as well. When you get a chance you'll have to come by for a visit.

— G.S. & T.R., 06/2011

Larry, thanks so much for all your help & patience with my first mortgage! My new townhouse is awesome...it's furnished...and I've painted some of the rooms.

I have given your name to many people looking for mortgage help. You made the experience much more bearable!

— J.F., 12/2010

I thought that Larry did a great job. He explains everything very clearly and makes what could be a stressful experience one that is manageable. I would definitely recommend the Mortgage Centre.

— F.M., 10/2010

It was a random selection from the Yellow Pages that I selected the Mortgage Centre. I really lucked out because I got excellant advice, felt very comfortable that the agent was looking out for my interests and kept me informed and really took the time to ensure that I understood the process and the answers to my questions. I would highly recommend the Mortgage Centre. I really can't make any suggestions on improvement since the firm exceeded my initial expectations which was based on conversations with others who had recently got mortgages through other firms.

— L.L., 09/2010

...saw Larry on [Kamloops news station] after we had given him a call — thru yellow pages ... very happy with results and the excellent way we were treated. Thank you.

— W.H., 01/2009

Larry, We just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us — past & present. We can’t thank you enough for not only doing your job, but going above & beyond. Thank you again.

— T.S & M.S., 08/2008

Larry, how can I thank you for what you did for us? We appreciate your caring, kindness, capability, and lots of hugs — we all need those!!

— D.D., 08/2008

Larry, just wanted to extend my thanks to you for steering me in the right direction with my mortgage. Greatly appreciated! Everything has worked out very well. Take care and thanks again.

— C.S., 04/2008

While I’m emailing you, I thought it would be appropriate to let you know that Marika was lovely to deal with. After I spoke with her, she said she would get the information and call me back. She called me back to let me know that she had to pull the file from an off site location and would get back to me. Again, she called me with the information I requested, then faxed me my papers. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how wonderful your assistant is, but, I will. What a pleasure dealing with Marika and your company today. Thank you so much. Kind regards.

— K.H., 04/2008

Larry Brinkworth did a wonderful job — we appreciated his patience with us as we were first time homebuyers and had a lot of questions!

— K.O., 11/2007

Larry and Marika went well and above the call of duty for me. Larry provided me with a lot of financial planning ideas as well. When I was having problems with ..., Larry provided me with help.

— B.R., 11/2007

Larry, We want to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. It wasn’t easy, but you helped us get through — above & beyond. I’m sure we’ll do business again!

— K.E & K.E., 09/2006

We are extremely happy with the mortgages we’ve obtained through The Mortgage Centre. Most recently [you] provided excellent advice and assistance, and we feel we got the best mortgage available in the marketplace.

— G.N., 06/2006

Excellent advice and service provided by professionals. All the legwork to find the best rates and conditions was done by you for my benefit — thereby freeing up my time. Thanks for the excellent service.

— K.S., 06/2006

Very many thanks for taking the trouble to look at my mortgage position, and saying, “In my opinion, the change-over (Ed: Early Renewal & Switch) is just not worth the expense at this time, BUT that [I] might like to approach [my Bank] and ask them what sort of deal they would offer ...to extend [my] mortgage term” — all of this is very helpful advice, as, without it, I could not “see the wood for the trees”.

— B.L., 06/2006

I have received your letter letting me know that my mortgage is up for renewal. I would like to stay with your company as it was great to deal with your firm.

— F.S., 05/2006

...very helpful in meeting a tricky deadline. His efforts were greatly appreciated and everything went very smoothly. I would happily recommend The Mortgage Centre.

— J.P., 05/2006

I was made to feel welcomed and special. The courtesy of all the staff was much appreciated. I felt that someone was working for my benefit, not the Banks’. Having someone on my side to deal with the Lawyer and the Bank was great!!!

— A.B., 05/2006

I will never forget how you helped us. It’s not often that happens for us. Everything worked out for the best and I thank you for your compassion and time.

— S.R., 04/2006

Larry was great! I am a first time home buyer and he made the process so easy. I felt comfortable and I was treated with great respect. Thank you very much Larry.

— M.D., 04/2006

We are glad to have the opportunity to thank you for your valuable assistance and professional, knowledgeable service. We will tell all our friends and family about you.

— W.N & C.N., 04/2006

With excellent service provided by The Mortgage Centre, why would anyone try to get a mortgage any other way?

— K.S., 03/2006

Direct and to the point. After the other delays that we went through — your service was refreshing. Thanks.

— D.J., 03/2006

Larry Brinkworth was a very easy and personable gentleman to deal with. His professionalism and knowledge made our first house purchase very pleasant.

I would recommend The Mortgage Centre to anyone looking to shop for better rates for mortgages and for general assistance when purchasing a new home.

Thanks for everything!

— B.H. & C.B., 03/2006

We were very pleased with the services provided and how Larry Brinkworth set up and processed the renewal of our mortgage. Not only was he professional, knowledgeable and capable, but I believe he continued to serve our best interests throughout the process. I will use and recommend this service to others in the future.

— D.T. & L.T., 02/2006

You were a great help to us when we were mortgage hunting. You went the extra mile for us and it was appreciated. We told friends about you who were looking to buy and I believe they finally bought a house. We will definitely pass along your name again when we know someone is looking....

— J.D., 02/2006

Fantastic...I really appreciate how quickly you were able to pull this together; very impressive. It was a great pleasure and I’ll definitely recommend you and MC to anyone. Thanks again.

— F.H., 02/2006

Thank you so much for all your assistance. Your recommendations not only saved me a lot of additional fees but certainly made things happen much faster. Thanks.

— B.W., 01/2006

We are very pleased with your services. The advice and assistance we received was excellent. Mr. Brinkworth was very professional and made us feel comfortable and unpressured. We look forward to future business with your company.

— M.M., 01/2006

I had difficulties getting a mortgage from every bank I dealt with, but your company was the only one that went to bat for me and got me the mortgage I needed. Thank you!

— D.S., 01/2006


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